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I Pity the April Fool Ride

I Pity the April Fool Ride

Blackwell Cycle's annual spring classic is on again for Sunday, March 25. A bit earlier than usual this year so as to not conflict with the Easter weekend, this will be a great opportunity to prepare for the spring cycling season. Actual routes to be determined, but there will be ~50-60km. paved and paved/gravel options. As usual this is a non-competitive ride, and there will be refreshments after at Blackwell Cycle. And, as usual, there is no cost to participate, and, unless there is snow on the roads, the event goes regardless of weather.



Blackwell Cycle
1801 Blackwell Road, Sarnia, Ontario N7X 1A7

For more information, please contact James at Blackwell Cycle (519) 491-1777

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